SilverStripe Ltd

Thank you so much, SilverStripe Ltd, for:

  • Flying over Sam for the talk
  • Sponsoring free SilverStripe t-shirts for all registered attendants (make sure to register)
  • Sponsoring drinks & snacks


Wissensturm Linz

Wissensturm generously offers the location for free.
Without their support, this conference would not be possible.

We::Codelogo wecode bw contour

We::Code is Simon's employer and is providing us with the meetup.com-space and sponsors the saturday lunch. Informal, high tech and always curious to new solutions. Trying to bring out the best of the web.

Hamakalogo hamaka groot bw

Hamaka is a Dutch design and development company from Utrecht. Thinking along the customers wishes to create long term relations.


JetBrainslogojb main

The way to go for any developer. From AppCode to PHPStorm or Webstorm. You can't live without it.
That's why we got you 5 PHPStorm licenses.

GithubGitHub Logo

Github, the well-known free git repository hosting, will be providing 10 "micro" plans we can give away to individual developers.

Netwerkstattnetwerkstatt mit schraubenschluessel

Netwerkstatt is sponsoring the coffee on saturday. Because a developer without coffee is just a human.

See you next year

Our first meetup/conference was a great success.
If you didn't attend, we're hoping to see you next year. Make sure to follow us on meetup.com.

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