This is the current lineup of speakers.

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Sam Minnée
CEO at SilverStripe

CEO and co-founder of SilverStripe keeps the company focused on its mission to reshape business through the web.


Software Engineer, hobby DevOp & System Administrator.

Zauberfisch is a long time community member and very active on IRC and StackOverflow. But is probably best know for creating the UploadField in SilverStripe 3 and co-hosting the SilverScoop Podcast (currently inactive). While he is into all kinds of technologies and always looking to try out something new, SilverStripe has always been his framework of choice for web based solutions of all kinds.


Philipp Krenn
Software Engineer, System Administrator, DevOp.

Phillip is a developer living in Vienna, Austria. he loves tinkering with IT problems, especially in the area of databases, infrastructure, and web development. He has in depth experiences with databases, cloud computing, and web development in general and SilverStripe in specific. He's also written a book about SilverStripe and has been both a GSoC student and mentor for SilverStripe.

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Simon 'Sphere' Erkelens
I do not suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.

Simon works for We::Code in Oldenzaal (Netherlands), where he handles most of the Silverstripe based projects and usually finds his way around all client's the issues. With knowledge of Continuous integration, core code and pure inventivity, he has managed to solve a lot of problems using Silverstripe.
While a bit crazy, he won't bite (hard). And give him a beer. Beers are good.

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Anselm Christophersen
Owner of Title Web Solutions

Anselm has been working with SilverStripe since 2007, and employs it wherever he can - being it for his own little agency Title Web Solutions, or when working as a sub contractor for bigger agencies in Denmark and abroad.

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Tom Haczewski
Head of Web, MMK Digital

Tom heads up a team of SilverStripe developers in Norwich (UK), and has worked with the framework for over 7 years. He’s worked in user experience and development for companies big and small, including BBC, HMV, ASDA and Virgin.


Marcus Dalgren
PHPStorm SilverStripe plugin creator & CTO at Raket Webbyrå

Marcus is the CTO at Raket Webbyrå in Gothenburg Sweden and has been working with SilverStripe since the good old 2.4 days. Loving the framework but feeling the lack of support for the SilverStripe template language he has developed the SilverStripe plugin for PHPStorm and IntelliJ IDEA. Marcus works with pretty much all web related technologies and spends as much time developing responsive UI:s as writing the next big API.

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